Are You Destined To Be A Cat Lady?

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Destined To Be A Cat Lady
You are destined to become a cat lady! Start collecting those feline friends now, because you're headed down a path that's strewn with kitties. You're a lone wolf who doesn't need the company of others to feel fulfilled or at peace. In fact, you're perfectly okay with doing things your own way. You love a quiet night at home with a good book or simply sipping a glass of wine by the fire. Of course, you'll need a few cats to keep you company!

Not Destined To Become A Cat Lady
You're not in any way destined to become a cat lady! You might love kitties, but life as a cat lady is not for you. You're a true social butterfly who needs connection and interaction to feel fulfilled and challenged. You much prefer a night out to a night in and tend to feel bored when left to your own devices. If we were you, we'd get a dog instead!

Destiny Not Yet Known
Your destiny is not yet known! At this point in life, you could go either way. You have a very dualistic personality, which means you're both introverted and extroverted. Sometimes, all you really want is a night in with total solitude. Other times, you want to get together with your pals and have a raucous good time. Only time will tell if you end up as a crazy cat lady or not!