What Percent Scrooge Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

100% Scrooge
Bah-Humbug, you're 100% Scrooge this holiday season! Unfortunately, you're a bit more like Scrooge than you'd probably like to admit. Not only is Christmas your least favorite time of year, but you hate the idea of giving to others when you might not get anything in return. From carols to cookies, you'd like to skip the entire Christmas season!

70% Scrooge
Humbug, you're 70% Scrooge! Unfortunately, Christmas isn't really you're thing. While you can always muddle through and fake a half smile through most festivities, on the inside, you just can't wait until the holidays are over. Most of the time, you feel more like Scrooge than you'd like to admit to yourself!

50% Scrooge
You're 50% Scrooge! You like the Christmas season, but often find that people get a little too caught up in buying gifts and making the season feel "perfect." For the most part, you find Christmas to be a fun time of year, but you'd like for some people to tone it down and live a bit more simply for a change.

25% Scrooge
Holly jolly, you're only 25% Scrooge! Christmas is one of your favorite times of year and you just can't help but let everyone know. You love giving gifts, singing songs, and hanging out with your family. For you, Christmas is a time to feel the joy of those you love most. You're not very much like Scrooge at all!

5% Scrooge
Good cheer to you! You're only 5% Scrooge! Christmas is your absolute favorite time of year. Not only do you love to give gifts, bake cookies, and spend time with loved ones, but you love to make the season bright for everyone you know. As a very giving person, Christmas fills you with a sense of joy that no other season of the year really can!