What Kind Of Romance Genre Are You?

Ever wonder which romance genre you'd be? Take this quiz to find out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Western Romance
You are the Western romance genre, which means you love manly men and great adventures! You like rugged and strong masculinity in your heroes and everything from the damsel in distress to the rough-and-tumble tomboy in your heroine. You'll also find beauty and solace in nature, open spaces, and the quest for the unknown.

Historical Romance
You are the historical romance genre, which means you love politics and intrigue in your stories. Royalty and aristocracy are quite attractive to you, but you also enjoy the handsome stable-boy or the runaway maid looking for a better life. You also get the great benefit of being able to learn about the past while enjoying some guilty pleasures.

Billionaire Romance
You are the billionaire romance genre, which means men of power and confidence attract you. You also love being able to see into the hearts of the heroes of the stories, and you know that there is more to a man than his mansions, his fancy cars, and his playboy lifestyle.

Contemporary Romance
You are the contemporary romance genre, which means but you like realistic stories with realistic characters. You realize that somebody doesn't need to be a count or a duke to be worthwhile, and you long for that happily ever after that you'll find with the perfect man.

Paranormal Romance
You are the paranormal romance genre, which means you like the strange and the challenging just as much as the love story. Creatures like vampires and werewolves fascinate you, not only for their supernatural powers but for the symbolism they represent. You like the undercurrent of violence in these stories and how this violence can be overcome by love.

Biker Romance
You are the biker romance genre, which means you love a powerful, aggressive man who is not afraid to challenge the law and take what he wants. You find something appealing about the gritty honor of the criminal underworld and long for a life of adventure and exciting new opportunities.