Are You A Gambler?

Roll the dice and play our game! What's the risk? Chances are, we'll give you a result that'll make your day!

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Walk the Safe and Narrow
The glitter of the big payout tempts you just as much as anyone else, but you are cautious and unwilling to jeopardize your security for an insecure possibility. Your self-discipline helps you to keep yourself focused on what you have now rather than what you could have, and even though you may never know the excitement of the big win, you also will never have the disappointment and despair of losing it all.

Are Sensible and Secure
You use your superb organizational skills to establish the level of risk involved in any action and choose the most sensible option. And gambling is never a sensible, safe choice! A roller-coaster life of highs and lows doesn't attract you; you do not see the value in gambling for an uncertain outcome, so you choose a routine life with predictable, regular rewards.

Always Look before You Leap
Although others may see you taking actions that look risky, you know you never speculate on the odds without being almost certain of the outcome. This confidence makes you calm and assured where someone less prepared would be nervous, and others envy your ability to make unemotional decisions and your seemingly magical ability to know where and when to place your bet.

Calmly Place It All on the Table
Your poker face leaves everyone else in awe as you raise the stakes higher, and higher, and higher with nonchalant calm. Whether you win or lose, you remain cool and levelheaded, seemingly unaffected by the potential consequences of your actions. The stress may not affect you, but your habit of placing everything on the line when the odds are stacked against you is heart-stopping for your friends! So maybe slow down the fast living and sit out a hand or two.

Will Risk It for a Biscuit
The rewards don't have to be great for you to be willing to jump in on the bet; just being part of the action is enough. You are an impulsive adrenaline junkie who is always up for an adventure, and adventure always includes risk. Can you be irresponsible and reckless? Absolutely. But people who play it safe don't make headlines or change the world!

Jump off the Cliff and Build Your Wings As You Fall
Passion and excitement rule your world, and you live a high-stakes existence, actively seeking risk. Your answer to a rational 'Why?' would be an impulsive 'Why not?' as you launch yourself from one inadequately thought-out idea to another. Your life may be an intoxicating flight, but there is always an end to the free fall, and you can't rely on anyone else to build a safety net to catch you. So cross your fingers and hope those wings you're building will work!