What Is Your Gypsy Name?

Have you ever wondered what your Gypsy name is? Find out now by taking this fun quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Your Gypsy name is Abela. Abela means 'breathing spirit.' You are a free-spirited person and love your independence. You're creative, wise, and intuitive, and enjoy spending time in nature.

Your Gypsy name is Shimza, which means joy and happiness. You are the light of many people's lives and love dancing, singing, partying, and being around lively people. People love you, because you make everything fun.

Your Gypsy name is Fifika. You love philosophy and religion, and are a rather studious sort of person. You love knowledge and learning new things, and are likely to be a student in a higher-learning institution for quite a while.

Your Gypsy name is Cato. Cato means 'a wise one' and 'a leader.' You are very intelligent and rational, and love learning. You are also somewhat of an activist and enjoy getting people together for social causes, like political movements and justice.

Your Gypsy name is Chik. You are a strong, powerful person who feels very connected with the earth. You believe strongly in faith, humanity, and truth and justice, and can become very disillusioned about the uglier side of life.

Your Gypsy name is Loiza. You are a strong person and quite a fighter; in fact, your name means 'warrior.' You aren't afraid of much and will go to great lengths to stand up for what you believe in. People can count on you to be there when they need you, and you're a wonderful friend to have.