What Color Of Eye Shadow Goes With Your Eyes?

If eyes are the window to the soul, shouldn't we enhance their beauty by having a perfect eye shadow? Take this quiz!

Here are all the results with descriptions

Brown and Warm Colors with Orange and Red Undertones
This palette will enhance the beauty of your blue eyes! Warm, earthy colors with champagne undertones will boost--in a spectacular way--the color of your eyes! You are a person with a great inner strength, and you like to be taken seriously. Your style is impeccable, a perfect balance between casual and classy!

Mauve and Forest Green
These colors are perfect for you! They will make your green eyes even more striking! You are a mysterious creature! Most people describe you as elegant and sexy! You have an artistic soul and like to daydream; that's why you're working in creative fields!

Golden Glitter
Glitter, party, and your smokey eyes--it's a perfect recipe for a fabulous evening! You are a strong-willing person with enough energy to conquer the whole world! You are not afraid of experiments and strong colors. Somehow you always manage to make it work, just like Rihanna!

Blue Palette, Navy
This palette will enhance the beauty of your brown eyes! The combination of cold blue and deep brown has a magical power to make people drawn to you, believe me! As a person, you're loyal and respectful. The only problem for you is getting up in the morning. That is why you are a night owl!

Pastel Colors
Pastel and delicate colors go well with your fresh and natural look! You are feminine but strong inside. Thanks to your good sense of humor, you're able to let go of things that really don't matter! Your style combines two words: light and gracious!