Should You Have An Extremely Demanding Career?

Wondering if you should have a demanding career? Stop wondering and find out right now.

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All About Work
You would do well in an extremely demanding career. You're all about work! Waking up early to work only until five seems like a waste of valuable, work-filled hours. You prefer those long hours, like working until dinnertime. Nothing brings you more joy than always having something important to do or turn in. Feeling like you're an asset to a company makes you proud. It brings you the meaning that you crave. Down time is for holidays and lazy people anyway!

Somewhere In Between
You are all about balance. You're the type of person who wants to wake up early, go to work, and be back home, ready to relax before dinner. You value your life and those in it. You understand that family and friends, relationships, and alone time are all human needs and wants. While you work hard, and certainly pay your dues, you're not about to make work your entire life either.

More About Down Time
You would not thrive in an extremely demanding career. In fact, you would thrive in quite the opposite setting. Call it a love of life or what you will, but you would benefit from a career that's more laid-back in terms of scheduling. Perhaps the same amount of work, and certainly the same priorities as others, but something where you could sleep until noon would be great for you.