Is Your Life Gothic Romance Material?

Have you ever felt like your life was unaccountably drama-fraught? If so, you might be living a Gothic romance!

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Is a Classic Gothic Romance
Maybe you're not prone to drama, but nature and destiny are stacked against you! You often stumble into tense situations, and many times, you fall in love with other people who are trapped in the center of the tension. As a result, you've had more than your fair share of goose bumps and have been involved with many a public scandal!

Has Telltale Signs of Becoming a Gothic Romance
You're not a full-fledged Gothic romance yet, but maybe your story is just starting to unfold! Lately, you've found yourself drawn to people and places that have a bit of a dark edge. If you want to avoid drama and trauma, be careful not to get too involved! People who go into Gothic romances never come out the same.

Has Had Its Gothic Romance Moments
You've had brushes with dark heroes, and you've even had a few inexplicable (possibly paranormal?) encounters. Still, you managed to avoid getting caught in the spiderweb of drama. Your head is set straight on your shoulders, and you know when to walk away from a situation before it escalates. Curiosity isn't going to kill this cat!

Is More Like a Romantic Comedy!
Gothic romance? Not you! You're more likely to stumble into your hero's ice cream cone than his deep, dark secrets. You have always been a lighthearted person, and you are attracted to similarly innocent types. When you do get into scrapes, they trigger your sense of humor--not your sense of romance!