Who Were You In Your Past Life?

Do you ever wonder who you might have been in a past life? Take this quiz, and we'll guess who you were in a past life!

Here are all the results with descriptions

You were a gold-seeker who lived near California and heard 'Eureka' ('I have found it.')

20s American Housewife
You long for simpler times when smartphones weren't common at the dinner table and going to dances was cool. Even in today's world, you still see the benefit of tradition and rules of etiquette. In your past life, you probably enjoyed taking care of the family and taking part in simple pleasures.

Famous European Rock Star
You may not demand attention in this life, but you feel that pull sometimes from your previous life as a celebrity that could do no wrong. You fight the selfishness, but you also see the positive impacts, like your worldview and desire to connect with others. Maybe a karaoke night every now and then will make you smile.

Child Actor
You sometimes wonder why you find yourself throwing tantrums and interrupting people. We know you try to keep it at bay, but it's your past life as the center of attention from a young age that has you fighting these urges. This also explains your love of cheesy jokes.

Humble Man in a Third-World Country
People simply don't turn out as unassuming and kind as you without a soul that spent some time in hardship. Even now you're uncomfortable with too much attention, and you're humble without even realizing it. You appreciate what you have, and you share whether you have extra or not.

Farm Animal
We're guessing you had a previous life as a pig or a cow. You have a way of keeping things simple and focusing on what matters in the moment. It may sound like a bad thing, but your farm-animal instincts keep you far from drama and with a pretty permanent smile on your face.