Who is Your Celebrity Boyfriend?

Are you moony for George Clooney? Or having a tantrum for Channing Tatum? If you could choose a celebrity to be your boyfriend, who would it be?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Ryan Gosling
He's the thinking woman's ideal man. Along with his sister, he was raised by a single mom, and today he says that's why he is a feminist. He's handsome, he's accomplished, and he'd treat you like an equal. Enough said.

Brad Pitt
Long considered one of the sexiest men alive, this guy's actually become a real family man. Not just a pretty face, he's also a talented actor. Nowadays, he's busy running his own production company and becoming more politically involved in the world around him.

George Clooney
This guy's had a string of attractive girlfriends. He's had a reputation as a playboy until now. He just tied the knot with a human rights lawyer. How long do you suppose that union will last? Some suspect he's married a serious woman because he's getting ready to step into politics.

Channing Tatum
If you want a good time, call this sexy guy. He's easygoing, restless, and wild. Apparently, the movie Magic Mike was based on his own experiences as a male stripper. Be forewarned, though, he's got a taste for alcohol.

Robert Pattinson
This smoldering heartthrob may not actually be a vampire, but he looks like one. He's a thoughtful actor and an up-and-coming musician with a reputation as a real gentleman, the kind of guy who's looking for someone to settle down with. Could that someone be you?

Daniel Radcliffe
Harry Potter is all grown up. And he's a dream boat. He's also talented, dedicated, and hard-working. We want to stress hard-working. This is a guy who never has to work another day in his life. And yet he does.