What Kind Of Pet Should You Adopt?

Looking for a new friend? This quiz will tell you which popular animal to welcome into your house. Start now!

Here are all the results with descriptions

You are looking for an active companion to share your life, so your ideal pet is man's best friend: the dog. With hundreds of breeds to choose from, you can find the perfect loyal companion to join you in play or a faithful guardian who will always come when you call. So adopt a furry, four-legged best friend and never be scared or lonely again--not to mention, you both love getting outside to play. Woof!

Your match is a pet who shares your independence and appreciation of the finer things in life. Cats are the supreme leaders of the pet world and have no problem demanding what they deserve. Like a cat, you are a little bit of a rebel, and you will never blindly follow the status quo but rather take the time to understand and form your own opinions on every issue. Although they don't require walking every day (like a dog), cats still require a daily commitment of time and money. So be ready to pamper your feline companion and cater to their possibly whimsical demands!

You are a high-flying lover of adventure who cheers others with your upbeat attitude. You find it easy to make friends and have a wide and varied social circle. A bird is the perfect companion to share your home, as they are playful and enjoy company but are easy to care for and are fine living in small spaces.

You will get along great with a cute and furry hamster who sleeps all day and spins his wheel all night! Hamsters are low maintenance and do not need much attention, so no worries about them interfering with your busy schedule. Although, hamsters do enjoy being petted or allowed out of the cage to run wild and explore new territory every now and again.

Freshwater Fish
Freshwater fish are the perfect choice if you are looking for a simple pet who requires little looking after and even less expense. You won't have to change your lifestyle to take a fish for long walks or spend money on expensive food and toys. This pet will be a quiet companion, but fish can have fun personalities, and you may be surprised by how much they will interact with you.

Tortoises are not exactly cuddly, but there is something about their placid and friendly personality that makes them the most popular reptile to have as a pet. Although they are easy to care for and require little space, food, or special equipment, tortoises are not a pet to adopt unless you're prepared for a long-term commitment. Of course, you're not going to get much of a workout by taking your tortoise for a walk, but you will get plenty of good Zen vibes while chilling together in your yard.