What Nationality Is Your Personality?

Does your personality match your nationality? Take this fun quiz to find out if you were born in the right place!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

As an American, you are fearless and outgoing with a vigorous personality and optimistic outlook on life that is not easily crushed. Like the country itself, the American personality is popular and adaptable. While you are proud of who you are and are not shy about sharing your opinions, you are also tolerant of others who may be different.

Strangers may experience your reserved nature and judge you as standoffish, but your friends know that you have a wicked sense of humor and are always up for a wild and wacky adventure. Of course, being British, you love a nice cup of tea and always make time to hang out and chat with friends.

Honor, loyalty, and self-control rank high on your character list, and you take pride in being disciplined, orderly, and focused. Having a personality that is more at home in the East than the West can present challenges, but you keep your inner calm even when confronted with extremism and prejudice. Like the Japanese, you have a very healthy diet and lifestyle.

Your personality matches the intense character of the dramatic French. Known as the sensual pleasure seekers of the world, the French are cultured, intelligent, and self-assured. You view life as an adventure and are always open to new ideas and new opportunities. Like the French, you enjoy fine foods and wouldn't start the day without a cup of coffee.

You have the moderate personality of a stable and steady Canadian. Polite to a fault, you avoid arguments and are generally the first to apologize (even if it's not your fault!) Although your exterior seems timid, you are tough on the inside and will stand firm to defend your core beliefs. You show your Canadian personality in your love of the outdoors, and we're betting that you probably wouldn't turn down a mug of cold beer, eh?

You have the outgoing and friendly personality of a Brazilian. Famous for inventing the samba dance and the exotic displays of the Rio Carnival, Brazilians are optimistic and generous, and never pass up the excuse for a party. You view life as game and are always willing to bend the rules to add more excitement.