What Kind Of Internet Celebrity Should You Be?

Which social media is made for you? This quiz will tell you!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

An Instagram Model
You should be an Instagram model! You love fashion, DIY, and anything trending on the Internet right now. You love having an audience and know exactly what your best angles are. You live a life that's worth posting online, because you're simply fabulous. So why not show the world?

A YouTube Celebrity
You have a personality that's larger than life, one that really, truly belongs on the super-small screen. You should have your own YouTube channel, because someone like you needs a stage, and YouTube is the perfect place to show off who you are and get famous for it!

A Pinterest Guru
You are a true DIY mastermind and would be quite successful on Pinterest! You never cease to amaze your friends and family with your incredible creations, and you should use Pinterest as a portfolio for all of your amazing ideas.

Snapchat Royalty
You should be a Snapchat celebrity! You are hilarious, attractive, and always fun to be around. Your quick wit and lightning-bolt personality are perfect for making short, funny videos and snaps to share with the rest of the world.

A Twitter Star
You should be a Twitter celebrity! You are always informed regarding the latest news, whether it's about politics, sports, or entertainment, and you always have an opinion about it. Your razor-sharp tongue and witty remarks would go perfectly with the Twitter platform--we're sure you'll attract a huge following that appreciates your unique take on the issues.