Can We Guess What's In Your Wallet?

These few questions will tell us exactly what you're keeping in your wallet.


Here are all the results with descriptions

A Winning Lottery Ticket
You lucky duck! Do you even know that's in there? You need to start paying better attention to what's going on around you or you're going to miss out on some big things.

A Picture of Your Dog
You like animals way more than people, and everybody knows it. In fact, you probably carry pictures of every dog you've ever owned, because you're that kind of sappy, animal person.

A Picture of Your Mom
Family means everything to you, and you want to carry them with you always. But since your wallet is probably already overflowing with coupons and punch cards to your favorite coffee shops, the only family member you can fit in there is your mama. But she's a very special woman, isn't she?

A Movie Ticket Stub for 'X-Men: Apocalypse'
Nerd! Are you saving it for sentimental value, or did you just forget it was in there? We know that movie wasn't THAT bad, but it could have been better, and it definitely wasn't good enough to keep the ticket.

You are always prepared. We appreciate it. Thank you for loving yourself enough to practice safe sex.

Straight Cash, Homie
Money talks, and it's the only thing that you let talk for you. So flaunt those bills and buy yourself something nice, will ya?