Do You Sleep Enough?

Wondering if you're getting enough sleep? Take the quiz and find out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Too Little Sleep
You're perpetually tired, suffer from dark under-eye circles, and feel lethargic most of the time. When you finally do lie down, you're completely zonked out in a matter of seconds. Listen to your body and get some rest!

A Mediocre Amount of Sleep
It could be worse, but you're still not doing so well in the sleep department. Maybe try to wind down from the day with some warm tea and comfy pillows? Step away from the phone!

A Decent Amount of Sleep
You're getting a decent amount of sleep. It's not the best, but it's all right. Maybe try going to sleep an hour earlier?

A Good Amount of Sleep
You get good sleep. It could still be better, and there's room for improvement, but you're still getting a good amount of sleep. Maybe try going to sleep a little earlier?

A Great Amount of Sleep
You always get sleep! Maybe it's because you love sleep and get it every chance you possibly can, even when you're just watching TV or taking a 15-minute break at work, but you get a great amount of sleep! Fantastic.