The Ultimate Horse Trivia Quiz

Find out how much you know about horses with this fun 'ultimate horse trivia' quiz!

Tags: Animals, Horses, Knowledge, Trivia

Here are all the results with descriptions

Nothing about Horses!
A dog, a horse, a cow--really, who knows and who cares, right? You have absolutely no knowledge about horses, and it is a safe guess that you really don't care. If you ever find yourself invited to the races, you would be wise to study up for a few minutes so that you don't seem totally clueless!

Very Little about Horses
You remember the things you learned in elementary school, and that is about it. Your horse knowledge goes about as far as 'what does a horse say.' You can learn so much more. Horses are a fascinating subject to study.

A Little about Horses
You know the basics, but you are by no means an expert. If you find yourself in a horse discussion, you would probably be wise to just listen and maybe ask a few questions. You won't do yourself any favors by trying to add to the conversation.

Quite a Bit about Horses
You really do have a good knowledge of horses. You may not know everything, but you could certainly talk intelligently at the Kentucky Derby. You obviously know your horses.

A Ton about Horses!
Wow! Your knowledge of horses and their history is outstanding. If you don't spend your time working with horses, then maybe you missed a calling. It is obvious that you are passionate about horses!