'The Fast and the Furious' Trivia Quiz!

Do you love 'The Fast and the Furious'? Take our quiz to see if you're a true fan!

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Not an Expert at All!
So you're not really a fan of 'The Fast and the Furious.' In fact, we're not exactly sure you've even seen half of a movie! No problem--you still can do it. Dominic Toretto, Brian O'Conner, and Letty Ortiz are waiting for you!

A Slight Fan
You know how famous the saga is, but let's be honest, you have seen no more than two movies. Why don't you plan to watch a couple of movies this weekend to relive the adrenaline rush? Bring popcorn too!

A Casual Watcher of the Saga!
You might not be super obsessed with this saga, but there's no doubt that you have potential! Don't forget to share this quiz with your friends to see if they can do better than you did!

A 'The Fast and the Furious' Fanatic and Trivia Whiz!
You did great on this quiz! There's no doubt that you love the speed and the saga, and while you may not have gotten every single question right, you still answered most of them correctly. Don't forget to share your score with the world and challenge your friends to see if they can beat you on this quiz!

A Super Expert and Trivia Master!
Are you Vin Diesel? Or maybe Michelle Rodriguez? Wow, impressive! Really, really impressive. You're not just a fan; you're a MEGAFAN. Amazing! Make sure to share this quiz with your friends and brag about how awesome you are at 'The Fast and the Furious' trivia!