What Is Your Secret Talent?

We all have those softer skills that sometimes go unnoticed, what's your secret talent?

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Bringing People Together
You love entertaining and creating the fun rather than waiting for it to come to you. You're brilliant at encouraging the quiet one to talk, the homebody to show up, and the shy one to show his or her true colors. You can bring out the best in people in social situations and people love you for it.

Staying Calm
You great at keeping your cool when things go awry. You assess the situation before you react. You're great at giving advice and calming your friends down because you take the time to see all sides of the situation. In a group environment, your contributions are invaluable to keeping things running smoothly.

Getting It All Done
You're at your best with a to-do list a mile long. You're up for the challenge and you will not stop until you're finished. You're great at organization, prioritizing, and keeping moving. You're the type of person people want on a team because they can rest easy knowing that you won't let anything slip through the cracks.

Keeping It Simple
In the complex and overstimulating world we live in, you are a beacon of simplicity and clear thinking. You know how to focus on what's important and let the details slide. You don't get lost in gossip or drama, but rather calmly move through life with a smile on your face. You set a good example for those around you that might get a little too caught up in the trivial.

Seeing The Big Picture
You're really good at seeing the forest for the trees. You have a talent for inspiring people, getting big projects underway, and focusing on the end goal to keep others moving on the smaller parts. You're not scared off by a big endeavor if the end result is worth shooting for.

Making It Count
You're great as squeezing the most out of life. You make the most of what you are handed and you generally do it with a smile on your face. You don't sweat the small stuff or get too stressed over things that aren't important. You know what matters to you and you're able to appreciate little pleasures.