Is He The One?

Wondering if he is the one? Stop wondering and find out for sure.

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The One!
He is everything you need in a partner and then some. You have the experience to realize just how hard it is to find someone like him. He is kind, sweet, and gentle yet rough when need be. He is civil and a great communicator, and he actively works to solve problems with you. He is totally the one!

The One but Not Right Now
He is everything you want but not everything you need. Yet! Give him a couple of years, and give yourself some time to grow. It could happen a variety of ways. You might break up and reunite years later and get married. You might date for so long that you grow into the right versions of yourselves.

Not the One
He is unfortunately not Mr. Right. He is Mr. Right Now. That means, at this point in time, you're not being treated like you want to be treated, and you're not his first priority. Furthermore, you're not as happy as you could be if you were just alone! Rethink this relationship, and be patient. Mr. Right is out there.