What Should Your Halloween Costume Be?

Tell us about yourself, and we'll help you find a great costume for Halloween this year!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Anything Sexy or Hunky
What you lack in creativity you more than make up for in sex appeal. Whether it's a sexy kitten or a hunky pirate, your costume is sure to turn heads this Halloween. Be sure to head to your local costume store early though! You don't want to have to dig through the clearance bin at the last minute!

Something Political or Newsworthy
Always one to stay abreast of current events, you undoubtedly know what's trending in the news right now. With a political circus playing out daily in the national media, there's no shortage of costume ideas to be had.

A Cosplay or Comic Book Character
You're willing to put some effort into your costume but still want to be semi-recognizable. A cosplay or comic book character is the perfect opportunity for this. But forget the super-popular costumes this time. There can only be so many women in tight, blue shorts and a red cape this year!

An Epic Magnificent Creature of Myths and Legends
Odds are that if you fall into this category, you probably already started working on your costume in July. For you, Halloween is an opportunity to show off your artistic skills to the fullest. Whether you're going as a two-headed hydra, an eight-armed Hindu goddess, or a terrifying beast with Hollywood-level special-effects makeup, you're sure to win costume contests and wow crowds wherever you go!