What Constellation Are You?

You are a heavenly body, but do you know which one? Find out what constellation you are with this fun quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You don't stand out, but you are extremely popular! You seem to be lucky and have good fortune follow you in all aspects of your life. You also breathe life into everything you touch. You are good at gardening, inspiring colleagues to do their best, decorating your house, and simply making people happy!

Cancer, the Crab!
You love being in large groups. Whether it is work groups, large family gatherings, or friends all hanging out together, you just love being surrounded by people. You occasionally find yourself starting fights, but you always back down quickly to try keeping the peace.

Cassiopeia, the Queen!
You shine brightly, and everyone knows who you are. On the surface, you seem to be strong, happy, and always sunny-side up, but dig a little deeper and there is a lot going on! You are in danger of collapsing if you don't start taking care of yourself.

Leo, the Lion!
You love standing out and being in charge. You are ambitious, and you believe in yourself more than anyone else. You don't wait for permission to make things happen. You just take control and go for it!

Ursa Major, the Big Bear!
You are well known because of where you come from. You fiercely protect the ones you love, and your warm hugs are larger than life when someone is down and out.

You are a provider. You take care of others. You are organized and calm, but you love to visit with people. You can talk a lot!