Should You Ask HIM Out?

Wondering whether you should finally ask him out? Take the quiz and find out!

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Ask Him Out
He could be shy, or he could just be busy with work. Whatever it is, it's keeping him from asking you out, even though he likes you. And it's 2017! Who says he's the one who has to ask? Go ask, and watch his walls quickly fall.

Not Ask Him Out (He's Not Into You.)
Sorry to break it to you so bluntly, but he just doesn't care. If he does, he just doesn't care enough. The most you'd be is a booty call and nothing more--maybe not even that!

Wait (He's About to Ask You Out.)
He's been working his way up to asking you out, but he's a little nervous--or just plain busy. Personal issues are getting in the way here, so it's best to let him decide when he's ready. He's trying to work out the right time when he's not swamped and neither are you. Just let him do his thing, and he'll ask. Might as well let him work for it! SIDE NOTE: This guy is going through a lot. And you need to make sure that's something you're ready to deal with.