What Kind Of Zombie Are You?

If you were a zombie, what kind would you be? Take our quiz to find out!

Tags: Zombie, Horror

Here are all the results with descriptions

A Walker
The walker is a person who has been killed and reanimated by a pathogen, often--but not always--due to a virus. They are usually aggressive. They can be curious but disorientated and at a loss to fully understand their environment.

A Runner
These are usually your ultra-runner types. You know the ones--the nylon-wearing, salad-eating, bike-riding vegan zombies. What they lack in supple skin and health they make up for in powerful mobility. While they're usually loners, they sometimes travel in packs of two or three and have the ability to run at full sprint, something that walkers can't do.

A Crawler
A crawler zombie is a well-known and very annoying type of zombie. Crawlers are completely disabled in their lower bodies and cannot walk or run like other types of undead. Crawlers must support their upper torsos with their arms and crawl along on the ground slowly to reach their desired destinations.

The Zombie Athlete
Different from the runner zombie, the zombie athlete is a powerful hunk of pure muscle and brawn. Dumb as a rock, this zombie makes up for its intellectual deficiencies with its superhuman strength and undeniable force. These zombies can't really move too fast, which is a good thing, but once they catch you, it's over.