Are You Stylish?

Not everyone is stylish. Are you sure you are? Put it to the test!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Are the Most Stylish Person Anyone Knows
You aren't afraid to take risks with fashion, because you know what works for you and what doesn't. You are always aware of trends and jump on the ones that work for you before they catch fire. More so, you know your angles, your lighting, and your glam poses. Your social media must be amazing!

Are One of Those Stylish People--but Not the Most Stylish
You are one of the stylish people that everyone you know aspires to be, but you're not the MOST stylish. In fact, some other people really do outshine you, but with that being said, you outshine most people.

Are Moderately Stylish, Which Is Better Than Nothing
You're not too stylish but stylish enough to get compliments. You know how to dress in a way that isn't exactly over the top, and certainly won't get you noticed or anything, but it's not frumpy either. It's a blend of fashionable and a sensible dose of budget planning.

Own a Very Select Few Stylish Items
You're not particularly stylish, but you do have very few items that are highly coveted in the fashion world--maybe a vintage dress, a name-brand bag, or a pair of shoes that always gets compliments.

Have Zero Style!
You don't own a single article of clothing that fashionistas would save! Oh no! Maybe try going shopping with your more stylish friends?