Are You Afraid Of Thunderstorms?

How do you feel when you hear rolling thunder? Fascinated or paralyzed? This quiz will help you find out!

Tags: Weather

Here are all the results with descriptions

Fine with Thunderstorms
You don't mind them. It's just nature, nothing special. You just have to be prepared in case they get violent.

Terrified by Thunderstorms!
You cannot move when you see lightning in the night sky and hear thunder rolling in the distance! As a kid, you would hide under the bed. Now you watch TV to distract yourself, checking the weather forecast constantly while waiting for the hell to end!

Fascinated by Thunderstorms!
For you, thunderstorms are natural wonders! You love them! When you see the lightning in the night sky, you feel electrified! You could just sit in your chair at the window and watch this spectacle forever!

Not a Big Fan of Thunderstorms
You're not a big fan of thunderstorms, regarding all the destruction they might cause. So you have this enormous respect for them, and you always stay prepared!