Are You Really An Android?

Take this quiz to find out if you're truly human or if you've been living your entire life as an AI!

Here are all the results with descriptions

Congratulations, it looks like you're 100 percent human! Your memories are not fake, and life as you know it has been exactly as it seems.

Whoa, you're a cyborg! You may only be part robot, but you're certainly not all human. You've always known that there was something different about you!

You are 100 percent robot! Your mission is clear, domo arigato.

Intelligent Machine
You're an ultra-intelligent supercomputer! You're probably awesome at chess, and you're like a walking dictionary. Now if only you could master human emotions.

You almost pass as a human--almost. Something's just a little bit, well, off. You've always wondered whether you might be a fake human with implanted memories. Now you know for sure.

You're a simulated human living inside a virtual world! Does it feel like someone's watching you, even controlling your every move? Well that's because they are.