What Star Are You?

You've heard we're all made of stardust. We're magical beings of light! What star are you? Find out with this quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You are the North Star, the Guiding Star, the star everyone turns to.

The Dog Star is not one but two stars and is the brightest in the sky. The larger, brighter star is in front. You shine brightly but hide a little of yourself to protect your softer side. Sirius can be seen from both hemispheres. At the equator, it is associated with the hottest part of summer, but in the Polynesian islands, it is the hallmark of winter. Like when looking at you, the angle changes perceptions.

Say your name three times and then . . . Betelgeuse! This star is about to go supernova, just like you!

You are known as the most important star in the sky. No one is brighter than you. You were the first to be photographed, the first to have your spectrum recorded, and the star by which all others are calibrated. In short, you are the star of stars.

You guard heaven. Not the heavens--THE heaven. That's a pretty big job. Good thing you're one of the biggest, brightest stars. You are the archangel Oriel, Watcher of the West. You are quite the stellar star!

You are the ultimate navigator, the Star of the Old Man, the star that shows people where they're going--especially astronauts. From ancient man to spaceman, everyone has looked to you to inspire the opportunity for discovery and adventure!