How Powerful is Your Brain?

Everyone would agree that a strong, active brain is important. Take the quiz to find out how powerful your brain is!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Running on Empty
Your brain is like a car, and it needs gas--stat! If you're ever interested in operating at top performance, try changing some important habits to nourish your brain and feed your soul--like healthy food, exercise, and plenty of rest. No one can run on empty for long, not even you--and as fine as a car that you are, you deserve to step into high gear.

Pretty Powerful, but Running on Cruise Control
Your brain has the potential to operate at top speeds, however, your laid-back attitude and careless manner keep you perfectly happy running on cruise control. When it comes to the road of life, you'd much rather sit back and watch the pretty scenery go by, than subject yourself to the pointless competition that others do.

Running at Top Speed
Your brain is like a finely tuned machine, smoothly running at top speeds with ease. Your brain is superpowered, that's for sure, and you do what it takes to keep your body and mind as high performance as possible.

In Overdrive!
Whoa, there! Hang on! Your brain is superpowered, that's for sure, but no one can last long going at those top speeds. You should try to slow down a bit, or else you'll risk major burn out. Unless you can really handle it...