Which House Character Are You?

This is a fun, irreverent quiz for fans of House.

Here are all the results with descriptions

Dr. Gregory House
You're a straight-talker with a rebellious nature who can think outside the box and find solutions when others only see problems. You have an amazing mind. Although your brilliance is obvious to everyone, you might find it hard to make close friends, because your aloofness can sometimes be mistaken for arrogance. Relax and don't try to win every battle. Life isn't always a competition.

Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Generous and kind, you have a heart of gold and always see the best in everyone. You rely on your sharp wits to get you out of sticky situations and are never left without a witty response. You will always go out of your way to help people who need you, but watch out that they don't take advantage of your sweet nature.

Dr. James Wilson
Popular and well respected, you make friends easily. You are able to see beyond the facade that most people put up to see the real personality behind the mask, and this allows you to remain a loyal friend when others may turn away.

Dr. Eric Foreman
Outwardly a smart, successful professional, you have a wild side that you try and hide. Why? Surprise your friends and let your true nature shine! Your rebellious streak and refusal to conform to the rules could cause you trouble, but it is an important part of who you are.

Dr. Allison Cameron
You are deeply empathic and believe strongly in the sanctity of life, but don't be too harsh on others who may not adhere to the same strict moral code as you. Not everyone has the patience or compassion to rescue butterflies from drowning!

Dr. Robert Chase
You are the comedian in your peer group, always ready to laugh and joke, even if it is at another friend's expense. Popular and creative, you always find a way to do what you want and you generally end up on top. You have a strong sense of right and wrong and will do the right thing, even if it upsets the ones you love.