What Type of Adventurer are You?

Adventure comes in many forms. Do you love the mysterious thrill of the quest or do you prefer to stumble upon experiences? Find out your type - adventure awaits!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

An Explorer
In a perfect world, you'd see things no one has discovered before. You are driven to learn and to find. You don't have to have an object in mind - the thrill is in happening upon treasures you weren't even looking for!

On a Quest
Maybe you were an archaeologist or tomb raider in another life. Whatever it is you're looking for, be it ghosts or rare books or the best sushi on the planet, it's the mystery and the hunt that is the most fun part of your adventures.

A Collector of Experiences
You want to know what it - whatever it is - is like. What's it like to dance on a beach at night, or to have Turkish coffee in Turkey, or build a rock cairn at a desert spa? Your goal is to live life to its fullest, create memories, and have a large collection of experiences.

A Wanderer
Destinations are not as important to you as the journey itself. Really, 'journey' is too focused a word. You're a stop and smell the roses kind of person. Your travel style is aimless and you're just fine with that. There is a bounty of experiences to appreciate and you will enjoy them all to the fullest in your own time and at your own pace.

An Escapist
You want to get away. Whether that's through solitude like a long hike through the wilderness or through a transcendental experience like a Zen retreat, you seek to escape. You want to fly free, on your own, or at least not with a crowd.

A Challenger
Testing your limits is fun for you. Maybe those limits are mental or maybe they're physical. You like to push your personal envelope and find every possible way you can grow as a person. You like climbing every metaphorical Mt. Everest you can get your pick into.