Are You a Viking, Knight, or Samurai?

Which kind of warrior are you? Do you raze and pillage, fight wars of honor, or fight based on a strict moral code? What do you fight for? Find out with this quiz!

Here are all the results with descriptions

You are one of the mighty Norse, raiding the known world and worlds beyond with your fierce strength and die trying attitude. You wield your blazing sword at men, ghosts, and great beasts and trust your bravery will be renown in Valhalla.

You are a noble and chivalric soldier of causes and kings that you believe are right and honorable. No just crusade is too long or too hard for you endure - you are committed to seeking and protecting what is good and true.

You are of the noble and powerful military caste of the days when Japan was ruled by lords and nobility and later samurai themselves. Whatever the reason for the fight you are engaged in, you believe that salvation comes from within and so you fight with honor and dignity.