What Spice Are You?

Which spice best reflects your personality? Take this simple quiz and find out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

When you're around, people don't tend to notice you. But when you're gone, they really miss you. You probably have one close friend who complements you well. You have a natural affinity for the sea. Be forewarned: if you fall down, someone may try to pick you up and hurl you over their shoulder.

Although some people can find you off-puttingly fiery, others think you're the life of the party. Your friends just can't get enough of you. And even those who aren't fond of you think that you're exciting. You're quite worldly and you've probably travelled a lot. As a result, you may speak several different languages.

You're a warm and friendly sort. You often remind people of their childhoods. And you are easy to get along with. That's why you're so popular. You probably enjoy baking. For this reason, you tend to be most popular in the fall and winter, particularly around Thanksgiving and Christmas.

You're lively and energetic. But you're never overpowering. You're surprisingly versatile. You probably have a very dry sense of humour. And you may have red hair.

You are both interesting and delicate. People feel strongly about you, one way or the other. Some people find you absolutely wonderful, the sort of person who can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Others find you alien, metallic almost, and jarring. You are likely to be somewhat eccentric.

You're a real breath of fresh air. Although you may appear to be fragile, you are actually quite hardy. You tend to take control in most situations and, if you don't take care, others may see you as taking over. There's a youthful energy about you. Your favourite season is likely to be spring.