What To Wear?

Answer these questions to get a good laugh about what you should wear today. It's all in fun. We all have struggled with what to wear for the day, especially when the forecast can be so unpredictable at times.

Here are all the results with descriptions

You are on vacation on a tropical island. You worked way too hard throughout the year to get your beach body, so now you have to show it off. The sun is out and you're far away from home, strut your stuff in your bathing suit,

Business Suit
You are headed to a very important job interview, so you need to look your very best.They say dress for success for a reason, therefore you should follow that creed. Do not hold back, go in your closet, find your best suit and remember wear the suit, don't let it wear you.

Workout gear
You are a true gym rat. You are in the gym at least 5 days a week. You spend more time in athletic gear than you do regular clothes. You workout, as well as, work as a full time trainer; so when you get dressed for the day, make sure you rock athletic gear.

Camp gear
You are an outdoorsman. You camp, hunt, fish, and anything else that you can do outside. You get up before the sun rises so you can get to your tree stand to be ready for whatever it is you are hunting. You have to blend in with your surroundings so that you do not startle the game; therefore, you should wear camouflage.

Club clothes
It is Friday night, you have a sitter and deserve a night out on the town. So, get an outfit out of your closet that makes you look and feel good. You do everything for everyone else during the week so today is all about you-let your hair down, dress up, and have a good time.

Snow gear
You are stuck in a late winter storm and rather than just being snowed in, you had the great idea that you wanted to get out of the house. So, in order to brave this storm you will have to have the proper clothing on, otherwise it could be very bad for you. Therefore, bundle up and stay warm.