Which Dystopian Future Will You Live In?

The future ahead is not looking good. The question is: Just how bad will it get for you? Take this quiz and learn which dystopian destiny awaits you in the near future?

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Here are all the results with descriptions

a world created by robots.
Robots have taken over the world since humans' catastrophic failure to direct themselves. These robots have a lot to learn, and they use humans as their guinea pigs for horrific experiments. All's fair in the name of science, right?

a world ruled by the stupid.
What happens when stupid people gain all the wealth and power? Reality television, sports, and lotto-playing have created a new generation of rich, powerful idiots who are adored by the masses. They take control of the media, politics, and your daily life. Universities shut down, police burn books, and you are being hunted because you scored too high on your SATs.

a world of clones.
A worldwide disaster destroyed all animal life besides a few species that humans protected before the catastrophe. Now, all animals are clones. Every dog, cat, and gerbil looks and acts the same as every other dog, cat, or gerbil. There are no new tricks. Do you find comfort in the predictability or will you find a way to inject diversity into the population?

an emotionless wasteland.
Humans proved over thousands of years that they couldn't handle their emotions. One politician decides to start an initiative to deliver an emotion-suppressing drug via drinking water. Are you angry, afraid, or eager for this future? Enjoy your emotions; soon they will be a story you tell your incredulous grandchildren.

a high-tech society that eliminates sickness.
Wait! No more sickness sounds like a dream. No, this society eliminates disease by harvesting resources, organs, and DNA from the 'weaker elements' to keep the strongest healthy. If you are in a weak class, your life is worth nothing. And if you are in a strong class, watch your back. . . the weak may not tolerate your abuses for long!

an unlabeled world.
Your fellow humans are tired of prejudice and discrimination. Each individual must undergo an 'equalizing' procedure at birth to ensure that they will look like everyone else. There is no gender. There is no race. There is no individuality. Are you still 'you' without your unique features?