Where to Get a Tattoo?

Should you get a tattoo somewhere hidden like behind your ear or the side of your midsection? Take our quiz to see where exactly you should place your new tattoo!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

somewhere hidden.
It is clear from your answers that you want a tattoo, but that you're concerned about the entire world seeing it. Therefore, you should seriously consider getting a tattoo someplace hidden, such as the side of your midsection, behind your ear, or the nape of your neck.

somewhere YOU can see.
It is clear from your answers that the tattoo you are looking to get means a lot to you. Therefore, getting inked in a place that allows you to see the artwork every day should be a priority. Consider getting your new tattoo on your foot, your wrist, or other visible areas that you don't need a mirror to see.

in the least painful place possible.
It is clear from your answer that you have a very low pain tolerance and are probably prioritizing getting inked in a place that doesn't hurt badly. If that's the case, consider getting your artwork done on the more fleshy parts of yourself, such as your calves or upper back.

on your arm.
It is obvious from your answers that you don't mind others seeing your artwork and might even be considering getting more tattoos in the future. Therefore, we suggest getting inked on your arm, as it's a highly visible spot for the most part, and you have the option of starting or completing a full or half sleeve.

on your lower back.
It is obvious from your answers that getting inked in a place associated with one's sensuality definitely appeals to you. Therefore, we suggest going big and getting your tattoo placed on your lower back.

on your face.
It is clear from your answers that you already have multiple tattoos and you are most likely looking to up the ante or rep a particular affiliation. Therefore, we suggest getting some facial ink. Go big or go home!