What Candy Are You?

This quiz is totally for fun. After asking a list of questions you'll be able to determine what candy you are based on your answers. Make sure you share it for others to find out their candy identity as well.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You are probably the most fun candy ever invented. You are the only source of food that anyone has ever been able to play with and not get in any trouble. People across the globe have spent countless hours chewing you and blowing bubbles. Not only are you fun but you can be relaxing for some.

You are a timeless piece of candy, there are so many different varieties of you that one could not count them all in a single day. But you are a classic everyone enjoys a good sucker. You will never meet anyone that says that they do not like suckers because there is literally a flavor for everyone.

Candy bar
You are the most deadly of all the candies. You come in a delicious wide assortment of various combinations, and those variations is what can make you so deadly to some. With people having allergies ranging from chocolate to various nut allergies. One always has to be cautious when dealing with chocolate bars.

You are a kid favorite, you come in shapes such as worms, bears, as well as various foods. You are usually inexpensive, and have been known to come in multiple flavors. The only thing people do not like about you is the amount of time they spend picking their teeth after eating you.

You are most commonly associated with Easter, even though you can be purchased year round. But during the time leading up to Easter people start seeing jellybeans in spring colors as well as the regulars ones you get year round.

You are a classic, people always have and always will like peppermints. You sometimes have been referred to as the old lady candy, because it seems like a vast majority of them seem to always have a stash of you in their purse.