Which Physical Feature Do People Notice First About You?

If you've ever wondered what strangers notice first about you, then it's time to take this quiz! And we're not talking about clothing items! It's all about physical features here.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Piercing Eyes
Your eyes are either a light blue, or a medium shade of green. Maybe hazel eyes, or medium brown. To be honest, it's less about the color, and more about the intensity with eyes. Anyone can have piercing eyes, the kind that draw attention and stay with you for a long time. When people see you, they notice your gaze immediately. It commands attention!

Glorious Hair
If you're a woman, your hair falls gracefully, it's shiny and soft, and has a nice color to it. It glitters in the sunlight. Regardless of the length, it's about how it frames your face and represents your style. If it's long and lush, it's bombshell. If it's shorter, it's artsy. If you're a guy, on the other hand, then it's still soft, maybe shiny, but it has great texture. It makes people want to run their hands through it!

Tight Tummy
You've worked hard for your body and you're proud of it, understandably so! And now, you need to get used to the idea that people are going to notice it. In your case, you have a nice, flat tummy with some definition, and even under clothing, it looks defined and thin. It draws attention, because let's face it, most people would kill to have your body!

Long Legs
You're tall, and as such, have long legs. Legs for miles! And it draws attention! In a dress, in shorts, even in jeans. As a man with long legs, you're noticed by women because most tend to like tall men. There isn't enough of you guys to go around, most men aren't 6 ft. tall or more! If you're a woman, it's startling how tall you are, but it's also stunning to see you in a long dress. It doesn't drag or swallow you whole!

Your Tattoos
Your tattoos are a physical feature now, a part of your skin. You can't take them off, they're with you even when you're naked. And because they're colorful images on your skin, they draw the eye the most! In your case, you could be wearing the weirdest outfit ever, and the tattoos would still draw people's attention first!