Are You A Catch?

Wondering if people would consider you a catch? Take this quiz and find out right now, so you can make changes if need be! Unless, of course, you're amazing enough already!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

A Catch!
It's official, you're a catch! You have a job, you have savings, you don't live with your parents, you pay your bills on time, so your credit score is good, you own a car, and you're a genuinely lovely person. Sure you tick all the boxes, but more than that, you're a good person, with a kind heart, and the ability to make people laugh. You're a good conversationalist, and you're a joy to be around!

Almost A Catch
You tick all the boxes alright. You have a job, savings, a good credit score. You don't live with your parents. You're a responsible, fully-functioning adult. However, and this is a big one, your personality is abrasive, and it pushes people away. Past romantic partners have felt either embarrassed, or ashamed of having you around in social situations, at one time or another. You can be quite rude!

Not A Catch, At All
You've been in between jobs for a while now, and your savings have all but dried up. You're not above asking for a handout from good ol' mom and dad... Whom you've had to move back in with as of late. But it's temporary! You have an interview at the gas station on Monday. Also, you're totally hungover as you're reading this, because you went out with your buddies until 4 AM even though you're in your late twenties, or older...