Are You A Queen?

Do you feel royal? You probably walk with a little 'umph' in your steps and others immediately notice you if you're a true queen.Queens take life as it comes and perservere to always be at the top. Are you a queen or everything but one?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You are not a queen. You have random moments, but you are lazy for a lack of better words. You don't go out of your way for others because you don't even go above and beyond for yourself. You hardly ever dress up and you simply have a job to make ends meet. You're content with being a homebody.

Wannabe queen
You don't live by the queen code at all,but in public you pretend to be a queen. You are a gossiper. You have a ton of associates because you try to fit in. You go from one person to the next gossiping to try to earn brownie points. Some folks don't know how you truly are, so you can be perceived as a queen,therefore, you're a wannabe.

Work Queen
You are a work queen because you go above and beyond at your workplace. Coworkers literally describe you as the best. You give your all to your career, so you don't have much of a social life, so there's no one outside of your job that can appreciate your ranking.

Average Queen
You're an average queen. You have moments where you get so close to throwing the towel in, but then you remember how far you've come in life. You always remain professional and humble, but you don't ever do too little or too much socially, therefore you are rated an average queen.

You are the next best thing to the highest status which is queen. You aren't a natural born leader, but you have qualities that you have worked hard to attain in order to be a recognizable leader. Others notice your passion and drive more often than you realize. Keep your head held high because with a little more work and dedication you will reach queen status!

You are the true definition of a queen. You excel at work and in your social love. People adore you for your work ethic and drive to serve others. People sincerely appreciate the fact that they have ever met you. You are a born leader. You have no problem at all giving other women shout outs for bettering themselves. Shout out to you, queen, for aiming high.