What Is Your Beauty Level?

Beauty is often in the eye of the beholder. What level does your beauty lie? Some people go above and beyond to master the best versionof themselves,whereas,others don't feel the need to.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

'Plain Jane'
Your beauty level is 'Plain Jane' because you simply get ready and go on your way to start your day. You don't use a special facial cleanser or skin regimen or even do too much of anything to your hair. You just do the bare minimum.

Your beauty level simple. You attempt to remember to get your eyebrows done and do something to your hair 'out of the norm' sometimes, but you definitely keep it simple. You at least wear a light lip gloss often.

You are at the 'cute' beauty level. Even if your hair isn't perfect, your outfit will always even things out. You have a great sense of fashion and you have watched a countless number of videos to master your makeup.

You are at the 'beautiful' beauty level. Your hair is always done and your legs and arms are perfectly shaved. You don't give others much room to notice any of your flaws. You take the time to exfoliate your skin routinely and you take time to get ready, but not a crazy long time.

You are stunning. It takes you at least two hours to get ready for the day. You appear to have perfect skin and you eat a well balanced diet to keep the perfect shape. Whether you are wearing makeup or not, others naturally notice your beauty. Your presence and beauty tends to light a room up especially with your perfect smile.

Goddess/God Level
Your beauty level is truly on another level. Others admire your beauty and are always anxious to compliment you. You are beautiful inside and out, so others treasure your presence that much more. Your hairstylist and manicurist know what days to expect you and your dermatologist is proud of how you maintain perfect skin.