Anniversary Gifts Quiz

This is a fun quiz that will help you think of an anniversary gift. Sometimes people put too much thought into gifts, whereas, others don't put too much thought into it at all.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

A weekend get away
A weekend getaway will be perfect. There's so much that can be done in a weekends timespan. You can attend a NFL game, go to a play and enjoy a nice dinner. Head to Arlington, VA. Use the train to commute. Enjoy a Baltimore Ravens game! Enjoy your getaway on your anniversary!

House renovations
You all could use some house renovations. There's a few specific things that you both would like done to the house. This is the perfect time to add a hot tub or redo the kitchen floors. Paint every room a different color. No matter what you decide to do to the house, enjoy your anniversary!

Your mate could use some jewelry. Rather it be updating your rings, a nice watch or a personalized necklace. Jewelry always seems heartfelt because thought has to be put into it. Put your mind to work and surprise your love with the perfect piece of jewelry. Happy Anniversary!

A themed gift basket for date nights
You should create a themed gift basket. Be creative with what you use. Each item should have a label that has a date idea on each and your mate gets to use them for you all's next dates. How romantic! Happy Anniversary!

A basket with their favorite products or snacks
You know your loved one as well as they know themselves. Surprise them with a basket of their favorite products/snacks because it will truly make their day. Be creative! They might be surprised how well you know all their favorites. Happy Anniversary by the way!

A concert
A concert would be perfect for the both of you. Work has been stressful and you need to release bottled up energy and have fun! Rather it be a R & B concert or hard rock, concerts are always worth it! Enjoy your anniversary! Music is love.