Am I Too Sensitive?

A sensitive person is able to perceive even slight changes, signals, or influences. However, sometimes their wrong perceptions can cause them distress.

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not sensitive enough!
You miss most signals, changes, and subtleties. Far from being overly sensitive, you are not sensitive enough. Your lack of sensitivity causes problems because people assume that you understand what they are trying to say and how they feel.

not too sensitive.
When it comes to sensitivity, you are just right. You are sensitive enough to perceive what others around you are feeling or thinking, but not so sensitive that you take offense to every imaginary insult.

a little too sensitive.
You are too sensitive, but barely. In other words, you are almost in the normal range, but you can read some situations wrong because you perceive feelings or sentiments that are not there. The solution is to get to know people better.

too sensitive.
Yes, the quiz confirms it! You are too sensitive. Your overly sensitive nature means that you are easily offended or hurt, and others have to walk on eggshells around you because they never know what will set you off.

much too sensitive.
Yes, the quiz confirms it! You are very sensitive. It's good to perceive changes, but you are picking up signals that are not really there. Your imagination has taken over your perception and it won't lead you to a good place. Try to make a conscious effort to find out the facts before you react.

extremely sensitive!
You are basically a bundle of nerves. You are very touchy, and others find it hard to predict what will offend, hurt, or confuse you. Rather than try to read some deep meaning into every interaction, try to take people more at face value.