The Ultimate Golf Trivia Quiz

Wondering if you know all there is to know about golf? Think you're the most knowledgable player ever? Take this ultimate golf trivia quiz and find out! The answer just might surprise you!

Here are all the results with descriptions

Super Expert Knowledge of Golf Trivia
You're a super expert at golf trivia! You know quite a bit and can't be bested by many. It's so amazing that you might want to put it on a resume! OK, maybe not. But you know what? At least that means you're famous on the golf course, at the country club.

Good Knowledge of Golf Trivia
You know quite a bit about golf trivia! You're no expert, but you know your fair share. It's a respectable amount. Congratulations! This means you can know crack as many gopher jokes as your heart desires.

Passable Knowledge of Golf Trivia
You know enough about golf to hold a conversation; however, you're no expert. In fact, your amount of golf trivia knowledge isn't even good; it's just decent. Maybe you should read up some? Or better yet, learn on the field! Play some games and learn more as you go. Have the caddy read golf trivia as you play.

Poor Knowledge of Golf Trivia
You know very little about golf trivia. The good news is that you know more than some. Maybe brush up on those facts some more? Read a few blogs and news articles? You'd be surprised at how much information you can retain when you're just playing a game and memorizing things!

No Knowledge of Golf Trivia
You know nothing about golf trivia whatsoever! Chances are, you just know golf basics. Maybe get out on the course and practice some more? Talk to a few fellow players and see what trivia they can teach you.