Which Simpson are you?

9 simple questions to find out which Simpson character best describes your personality. The answer may surprise you!


Here are all the results with descriptions

Homer Simpson
Decency and a good work ethic are what you are known best for. Your devotion to your family and friends also makes their protection very important to you. You have some weaknesses, but doing anything for those you love and care about is not among them. As a result, your family and friends apprecitate you most for that quality.

Marge Simpson
Your morality and humility complement your patience which seems to have no limit. Your ability to hold things together when everything is trying so hard to fall apart is uncanning. You are well-known for seeing the best in everyone. Your efforts may go overlooked sometimes, however your down-to-earth nature keeps other people grounded.

Bart Simpson
Your fun and engaging personality allows other people to have a good time. Many people describe you as adventurous because you are not afraid to succeed or fail in trying new things. That often makes you a leader. Life never gets the best of you, so the way you live encourages others.

Lisa Simpson
Intelligent, talented, and passionate are three words that define you. You acknowledge right from wrong and never refuse to fight for the rights of others. Constructive criticism drives you to improve although you avoid passing judgement. Reinventing yourself is a hobby of yours and you are admired for that.

Maggie Simpson
Often deep in thought, people may describe you as quiet and observant. You are a good listener with an even better sense of humor. Many people enjoy being around you for your youthful nature. You are not always noticed, but your opinion is always valued.

Santa's Little Helper
You are a kind and helpful person. You are always brightening someone's day or lending a hand. You will do anything if it means benefiting someone else. Many people consider you their best friend for that.