What Body Type Am I?

This is a short quiz that will tell you what body type you are. We live in a society where we put a ton of emphasis on how we look. So this quiz will give you a fun insight on your body type.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Stick figure
You are a very small person you have been teased about how little you are your whole life. You are built like a stick straight up and down, but you are satisfied with how small you are and to you that is all that matters.

Big boned
You are a little bigger than most people are comfortable with, but why are they worried about your size? You have been a little bigger your whole life so you are used to people making fun. You want to lose weight but you just don't have the motivation.

Mom/dad bod
Life has sucked everything out of you. Between work, the kids, and your marriage you don't feel like you have any time for yourself. You would like to go to the gym and get back into shape but you just don't have the time. So you have the middle age mom/dad body.

You don't care about your appearance as much as others do, you work out weekly but may not have the body of someone that works out the same amount of time. This is because your workouts are all about strength. You always tell people you would rather be able to lift the car instead of just looking like you can lift it.

You are a former athlete and for the most part you have stayed in pretty good shape since you stopped competing. You have what is called an athletic shape and it is how most people would like to look.

You take muscles to a whole different level. You don't want to just have big muscles but you want people to be able to see every detail in them as well. You are not always as strong as people think you are but you don't care because it's more about how you look anyway.