Warrior Boy Names

This quiz will determine which male warrior name is right for you and your fighting self. It will match your personality with a strong and unique name.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You are an incredibly gifted warrior, with strengths and talents that are rare. You have a bit of a dark past but you try not to let that affect your present. You feel a close bond with your mentor and want to do them proud.

You are a strong and mysterious warrior. You fight to protect your family and would do anything to save them but you have no need for anyone (even your family) to know what goes on in your head and heart. You keep these very close to your heart.

You are a born leader. Others look to you for both instruction and for inspiration. Your charismatic ways make you an effective role model and your inner strength determines you as a supreme warrior.

You're incredibly kind and good-natured. You have a soft spot for protecting the innocent. However, your kindness does not negate your fierce strength. You are a talented warrior and can destroy anyone who crosses you.

You are an absolute speed demon. Your natural knack for agility can give you a big-head sometimes but ultimately you put the talent to use as you fight for the many loves you have. You are both a warrior and a ladies' man.

You are not only a warrior but also a survivor. Your strength comes from having seen many horrible things or going through your own pain. You've been able to take your past and turn it into your own strength and determination. You are harder to break than most.