General Knowledge Questions

Answer general knowledge questions and test your knowledge on a variety of topics, from politics, history, cinema, entertainment, and much more. Have fun!

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Is Very Poor
C'mon, admit it! You were just guessing and selecting random answers for most questions. We promise we won't complain even if you looked up some answers! If this is a reality check for you, well, let's say it is time to pull up your socks, friend!

Needs Brushing Up
You definitely need to keep yourself up to date with the worldly news. Please spend less time on social media and read some credible news. If this is a reality check for you, well, let's say it is time to buckle up your shoes, friend!

Is Fairly Decent
You did a decent job on this quiz. But, you often got confused by the trick options and missed the right answer by a whisker. Surprised by how you fared? We recommend you read some more, and you will soon make great scores!

Can Give Someone A Run For Their Money
Congratulations! You answered (almost) all answers correctly. You are a Pro when it comes to attempting quizzes! Well, we don't intend to be nosy, but do you have news for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? :D.