What Kind of Quiz Are You?

You've taken a test or two in your time, who hasn't? Ah, but have you ever taken a test like this? Take this short quiz... to find out what kind of quiz you are!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

A Pub Quiz
Relaxed and casual, you're all about a bunch of friends, a lot of beer, and a game ' or three ' of trivial pursuit down at your local pub. You probably do it at least once a week. Sometimes you surprise others with your competitive zeal. People don't find you as boring when they are drunk.

A Math Quiz
A cerebral sort, you ask the tough questions that nobody wants to answer. You're not a surprise, so why isn't everyone prepared? You may not mean to, but you tend to make people feel stupid. Some people, people who haven't seen you for years, still have nightmares about you.

A Pop Quiz
You're the kind of surprise that practically no one likes. But, having freaked everyone out by your very appearance, you then tend to go easy on them. You may be a bit of a practical joker, the kind who thinks whoopee cushions are amusing.

A Televised Quiz Show
Flamboyant, popular, generous, and fickle, you make people nervous. But the payout is totally worth it, at least for the winner. You may be flashy and somewhat inane, but you don't mean any harm.

A Psychiatric Assessment
It's usually not a good sign when you show up. You confront people with information about themselves that they'd rather not face. Still, you're only doing it to be helpful. Or to get people put away.

A Medical Questionnaire
You are fixated on physical health and you tend to ask a lot of highly personal questions. Some people find you embarrassing. Others may consider you impertinent. But you're not overly concerned about a few hurt feelings ' you've saved a lot of lives. Unfortunately, a lot of people lie right to your face.