Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas Quiz

A fun quiz that ask a series of questions that will show you what you should have for Thanksgiving dinner this year. Take this quiz to see what you may or may not be having.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Traditional turkey meal
You are an old fashioned family, so you guys will be having a traditional turkey meal. Your family loves that way the turkey has been cooked for years and have no plans on changing it anytime soon.

Deep fried turkey meal
You guys love turkey but it comes with a small twist. You all do not do the traditional oven roasted turkey like most people. But rather you all have the deep fried kind. You tried it a few years ago and made the permanent switch.

You guys are not a turkey family, no one has ever really cared for it. You only ate it before because it was a traditional meat. But you all decided to switch to ham instead and have not looked back.

Vegan meal
You do not eat meat or any meat based products. You do not eat anything that has come from and animal at all. You love animals to much to eat them. For this reason you do not have many people over for your thanksgiving meal.

Potluck meal
For Thanksgiving you, your family, and some family friends all get together and have a big potluck style meal. One person will cook the meats and then everyone else will bring sides, drinks and deserts.

Vegetarian meal
You are a vegetarian so you do not eat any form of meat but you will eat meat substitutes. So if there is a soy version of any meat chances are you are going to have it. So for Thanksgiving you will be having Tofurky.