Are You Ruled By Your Head Or Your Heart?

Everyone has an intricate thought process that tells them how to feel and how to act. But whether that thought process is more logical or emotional is different for everyone. Which one are you ruled by, your head or your heart? Take this quiz to find out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

100% Ruled by Your Heart . . . The Hopeless Romantic
All of your decisions are made based on what you know is right' you know, because you can feel it in your heart. You also cry at the sad parts in cheesy romantic movies and can polish off an entire pint of Ben and Jerry's in under ten minutes flat. Your friends and loved ones all know you very well, because you wear your heart on your sleeve for the world to see.

Mostly Ruled By Your Heart . . . Thoughtfully Temperamental
Your feelings tend to bounce up and down erratically, according to how you're feeling. While your heart usually dictates your life, you do listen to your head on occasion, and once in a great while you'll do what it says.

Balanced' But Slightly Emotional . . . Reasonably Sentimental
On the spectrum of emotions, you tend to stay right in the middle. You're neither overemotional nor too rational. But when it comes to really, really hard decisions, you'll usually listen to your heart.

Balanced' But Slightly Rational . . . Sensibly Rational
On the spectrum of emotions, you tend to stay right in the middle. You're neither too emotional nor too rational' but when it comes to life's greatest challenges and predicaments, you'll usually listen to your brain and its cold logic to make your next move.

Mostly Ruled By Your Head . . . The Lukewarm Logistician
You almost always use reason to live your life, and hardly ever make a decision based on your emotions. You're terribly intelligent and calculated, and while people don't usually get too close to you on a personal level, you are valued for your advice on things like science, business and finance. Once in a great while, you'll see something that speaks to your heart and causes you to do something rash and out of character . . . like adopt a shelter puppy on a whim, or help a stranger fix their flat tire' even though it goes against your better judgment. You usually don't find yourself in those situations, however, because you go out of your way to not place yourself in them.

100% Ruled By Your Head . . . The Cold-Hearted Scientist
You, my friend, are a pure rationalist. Why would you waste your time listening to your heart, when you can get quality instruction from a logical, intelligent, fact-based source, aka, your brain? You don't understand other people, and other people usually don't understand you. You're quite content without them, however, and are happiest when alone in the comfort of your home or at work. You might not be the most popular person in the world, but people do respect you for your high intellect and significant accomplishments.